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Centor Architectural is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of innovative folding, sliding, locking and screening systems for windows and doors for both residential and commercial environments, and is the provider of these systems to all of the major U.S. companies that offer folding windows and doors. Created in 1951 with the single-minded objective of producing the finest sliding doortrack available, Centor remains dedicated to its goals of the past 58 years, which has kept it at the forefront of innovation for window and door systems. Centor’s products span market-leading bifold systems, revolutionary insect screening solutions, the smoothest sliding hardware and a range of complementary components designed to ensure the space-transforming benefits are maximized, which have earned the company the National Innovation Award for Australia and the Crystal Achievement Award twice. Centor operates internationally from headquarters in Brisbane (Australia), Chicago (U.S.) and Birmingham (U.K.).

S1E Eco-screen

S1E Eco-screen

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