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Ready Solar

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2929 Campus Drive, Suite 110
San Mateo, CA 94403 USA

Phone: (650) 299-9854
Toll Free: (877) 817-3239
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Ready Solar is changing the way solar electric systems are designed and installed. 

Our mission is to broaden the solar installation network throughout North America and increase the availability of high performance solar power to homeowners.

Our groundbreaking product, Solar in a Box, is the next step in solar power.

Solar in a Box is the world’s first completely pre-assembled, all AC solar electric system. High quality and leading edge components are assembled in a factory controlled environment. This significantly reduces the complexity of design and installation of a solar electric system.

In addition to reduced installation costs, the unique Solar in a Box design offers end users distinct performance and aesthetic benefits:

  • Microinverters convert DC electricity into AC at each panel. This feature increases the output of each panel and significantly reduces production loss caused by shade.
  • Dangerous high voltage DC electricity is eliminated.
  • Unsightly exterior wall mounted equipment is eliminated.
  • The sleek frame integrates the system into the roof like a skylight.
  • Modular design allows for easy future system expansion.
  • Pre-assembled design simplifies future roof maintenance.
  • Proactive and interactive web-based monitoring included.

Solar in a Box

Solar in a Box

From Ready Solar