Kitchen & Bath Design News

Mar. 2001

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KCMA Cabinet Standard Wins ANSI Approval

Consulting Firm Makes Debut

Recruit 'Passive' Candidates, Too

Surf's Up

CKDs, CBDs Gain Ground In Two States

Find Focused, Quick Answers to Customer Problems, Dealers Advised

K/Bis 2001: Shining in Orlando

Making the 'Net an Asset to Your Shop

Briggs Relocates To SC Location

HomeCrest Honored for Air Pollution Controls

Koch to Lead Activities of Hardware Group

Grass Reports Sales Increase

Tile Competition Seeking Entries

Enjoying the High Life

Builders See Low Profit Margins

ISSFA Show Attracts Over 4,000 Attendees

Sterling Alters Focus of Brand

Build on the Concept of 'Theater' When Selling, Authors Suggest

Welcome to K/BIS: Part Adventure, Part Fantasy

Salesmanship: The Next 'Big Thing'

Elkay Launches Internet Service

Viking Awarded Assets of Rutt by PA Court

Steps to Effective Time

Cabinet Concept Designed to Streamline Function

Builders Show Draws 70,000+