EcoBond on the move

Arvada, CO – May 4, 2011 -- MT2 announces the appointment of Peter K. Gee as national sales manager for its patented Ecobond® line of coatings, which take the hazards out of lead based paint (

ECOBOND LBP LLC, a division of MT2 LLC, was created to help take the hazards out of lead-based paint (LBP). As a national leading environmental company committed to providing green, environmentally-protective solutions for lead contamination, MT2 has provided proprietary and patented ECOBOND® technologies nationally and around the globe.
The patented ECOBOND® LBP product is the nation’s leading technology for mitigating the health and safety impacts of working with LBP and for sealing and treating LBP to protect the environment. Having been used successfully by contractors nationwide for over 5 years, these products provide the state-of-the-art technology for taking the hazards out of LBP.