EIA Conference Features RRP Sessions

EIA 28th Anniversary Conference & Exposition runs from March 27 - 31st in Savannah, Ga.  Included are several sessions regarding RRP.  They are:

Monday, March 28, 2011
Session 1 -The Differences Between EPA Lead RRP and HUD LSWP Requirements for Lead-Based Paint

"Dont get caught blindsided by the important differences between EPA and HUD requirements for work involving the disturbance of painted surfaces in housing. HUD funded projects have more stringent requirements that can affect your cost and your successful project outcome. This session will help you understand these technical differences and explore how they affect your bottom line."

Session 5 - OSHA/Worker Protection Issues with the EPA RRP Lead Rules

"Unfortunately, the far reaching new USEPA regulation fails to address significant OSHA worker protection rules that have been in place for nearly two decades. These newly certified lead-safe renovators who only comply with the USEPAs RRP rules will inadvertently find themselves in violation of several OSHA worker protection rules. This presentation will provide an overview of the USEPA RRP lead-paint rule, including the proposed expansion into commercial and public buildings. The discussion will also provide an overview of OSHA lead regulations including how to merge their worker protection requirements for lead in with the new USEPA RRP rules."

Session 9 - Misconceptions Under the RRP Rules

" The EPAs new Renovator, Repair and Painting rule is one of the most sweeping environmental regulations in the last decade. However, what does it really require? The fines for non-compliance are large. How will you avoid these fines? There are a number of misconceptions about the requirements of the new rule, from training and licensure requirements to clearance testing at the conclusion of work. This session will simply define the requirements of the RRP rule and leave you with the tools needed to operate your business without being fined."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Session 13 - A Comparison of On-Site Test Methods for Identifying LBP

"Building components and dishware were tested for lead content with both the Niton and RMD XRF analyzers and with the EPA-recognized LeadCheck and D-Lead test kits. This session will review the testing results and discuss implications for on-site testing reliability."

Session 18 - The Changing Environmental Insurance Market Place

"With the constant evolution of Environmental Compliance Laws, like the EPAs RRP Lead Law, Contractors and Consultants are faced with an ever increasing exposure to a environmental insurance claim. During this session, we will discuss how the insurance industry reacts to these new laws and how you can protect your company through risk transfer. We will also discuss the new EIA Insurance Program, and how you can save money on all liability coverages, including Workers Compensation."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Session 24 - Regulations, Standards, S520, NYC Guidelines, EPA RRP, States: Changes in Remediation

"Intersections and comparisons of select aspects of new, revised and existing remediation standards and regulations. As viewed from the perspective of a product manufacturer working with consultants and contractors:

Where are some of the sticking points, pitfalls, and underappreciated nuances of where certain guidelines overlap or collide?

How are new state regulations interfacing with national industry standards like IICRC S520 and the revised NYC Guidelines?

What are some of the intriguing and unresolved aspects of how the EPA Renovate Right (RRP) lead rule can affect how different types of remediation are done?"

If you are interested in attending, visit the EIA website.