CertainTeed launches mobile training tour

(Valley Forge, Pa.) –CertainTeed FiberCement’s “Knowledge on Board” Mobile Training Workshop recently rolled into Indianapolis in a colorful CertainTeed trailer to kick off a week-long series of fiber cement siding installation classes for contractors throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

During the week, more than 250 siding contractors and builders participated in the workshop sessions, which were held at five Indiana and Kentucky locations. At each event, Chris Hendrickson, National Installation Manager for the CertainTeed FiberCement Division, gave demonstrations on proper fiber cement siding installation and fielded questions from building professionals.

Assisted by Dave Whyde, CertainTeed’s FiberCement Division Territory Manager for the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky region, Hendrickson covered several topics, including building codes; proper techniques for nailing, back flashing and caulking; and the use of house wraps. Through the use of hands-on demonstrations, the workshops stressed the advantages of fiber cement siding and the importance of proper installation. With this knowledge, contractors can avoid potential installation problems and maximize the effectiveness of fiber cement siding products.

“Training on proper fiber cement siding installation is such an important factor,” Hendrickson says. “A lot of the contractors just don’t understand how important it is until they come to a ‘Knowledge on Board’ training workshop. Teaching them to install the product correctly not only helps them, but also helps CertainTeed and the industry.”

“CertainTeed FiberCement has wonderful products, but I found out I wasn’t installing them correctly,” says Dave Hurley, owner of Dave Hurley Construction in Laurel, Ind. “I’ve learned a lot, and I think our next fiber cement project will be much easier.”

The “Knowledge on Board" Mobile Training tour focuses on the region serviced by CertainTeed’s new state-of-the-art fiber cement manufacturing facility in Terre Haute, Ind. The “Knowledge on Board” trailer serves as a traveling training booth, with full-size fiber cement siding product and tool displays. For more information, call 800-233-8990.