CertainTeed adds color to golf course

(Valley Forge, Pa.) – Lake Presidential Golf Club, a new championship golf course, sits on 1,200 acres of rolling, wooded land, interspersed with streams and a 30-acre lake, within BeechTree, a planned residential community in Upper Marlboro, Md. Such picturesque surroundings demand equally impressive clubhouse and golf cart storage facilities, with much attention given to curb appeal. Since roofs typically account for 40 percent of a structure’s visual area, the selection of aesthetically appealing roofing materials is vital.

Last year, Landmark Land Company, Inc., managing partner of Lake Presidential Golf Club, hired the Architectural Design Group, of Alexandria, Va., to design a grand 10,000 square-foot clubhouse and 5,000 square-foot golf cart barn to support the golf course. When reviewing potential roofing materials for the project, the design team was aiming for a slate-style look that could easily be achieved with a premium architectural shingle. They decided to use CertainTeed(R) Grand Manor(R) luxury shingles in Black Pearl for the roof of each building.

“Grand Manor is a regal, elegant and high-quality shingle,” says Christina Halvorsen, Project Manager for Architectural Design Group. “The Grand Manor product has a great depth of detail, and it was best choice in augmenting the site’s natural surrounding colors throughout the Golf Course and its added landscaping. This product always, without a doubt, gives your project a whole new level of richness and commands presence on the site.”

Grand Manor luxury shingles provide the authentic depth and dimension of natural slate at a more affordable price. With a generous weight of 425 pounds per 100 square feet, Grand Manor shingles provide five layers of coverage and carry a lifetime limited warranty, including winds up to 110 miles per hour. StreakFighter(TM) warranty is also included, which protects against discoloration caused by airborne algae. Grand Manor is U.L. certified to meet ASTM D3462, the roofing industry’s tough shingle performance standard, and has a Class A fire rating, the best available.

“Grand Manor shingles provide large luxury roofs the ultimate in curb appeal, as well as long-lasting durability in the face of wind, storms and fire,” says Bob Gardiner, Vice President of Marketing for CertainTeed Roofing. “These shingles set the industry standard for luxury high-end asphalt shingles and are the perfect complement to luxury homes and buildings, such as the Lake Presidential Golf Club clubhouse.”

Landmark Land Company hired general contractor Retail Construction Services, Inc., based in Lake Elmo, Minn., to build the clubhouse and cart barn. Retail Construction Services then hired Franconia Roofing, of Lorton, Va., a CertainTeed Shinglemaster(TM) Company, for the roofing portion. The roofing crew installed 235 squares of Grand Manor luxury shingles on the clubhouse and the cart barn, also including a layer each of 30-pound CertainTeed(R) Roofers’ Select(TM) High-Performance Underlayment and WinterGuard(TM) Waterproofing Underlayment. With an eight-person crew and no major challenges, the job ran smoothly.

“Grand Manor is a great-looking shingle, no matter the size of the building,” says Bill Neville, Owner of Franconia Roofing. “It always holds up well, and we never get called back for any service or repair work. It’s a good product.”

Lake Presidential Golf Club’s owners and patrons are also thrilled with the clubhouse and its new roof.

“All of our clients and customers have been very complimentary of the clubhouse, and the shingles definitely have a hand in that,” says Justin Awtrey, Development Manager of Landmark Land Company. “We were looking for a high-standard, high-quality shingle for our buildings, and the Grand Manor shingles certainly meet those requirements. They really look phenomenal on our roofs.”