Amesbury donates to Extreme Makeover

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- The “door knock” and demolition of a small coffee shop in St. Louis happened on September 4th, 2008. The owner, a man with cerebral palsy who hires workers with disabilities in his coffee shop, and who donates the proceeds from the coffee shop to local charities was the recipient of this amazing undertaking…a new, handicap accessible, and more efficient drive thru coffee shop, and a more comfortable working environment for Sam, and his workers provided through the efforts of ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!" The outpouring of time, talents and materials was nothing short of a miracle. And yes, they really do build an entire project in a week or less!

Amesbury Locca, a product line of Amesbury Group, a leader in window & door hardware and components, teamed up with Stanley Access Technologies to give the owner and his volunteer employees remote entry access…they can now press the Locca remote to unlock the door…and the Stanley operator opens the door for them! The best part is they can come to work now without struggling to get into the old coffee shop. The new door unlocks and opens for them at the touch of a button!

The live reveal happened on September 9th which was just 5 days after they demolished the old shop …the scene was nothing short of amazing! The owner, bound to crutches by his cerebral palsy, staggered up the drive-thru of his new coffee shop with the determination of a soldier…it was an emotional victory in itself to see him reach the door of his new shop…and then to watch as the designers pushed the Locca remote to unlock and swing the handicap accessible door open for was a touching moment for all who came to cheer on Sam and his family. Many in the crowd were volunteers and friends who had benefited from the benevolence of this man. Tears of joy were visible on many faces.

Amber Grayson, Sales & Marketing Director for Amesbury Locca comments, “It’s such a great honor to be a part of this project. We worked side by side with the professional carpenters and volunteers around the clock for several days, then it was just a few final touches, some clean-up, and the best part--giving all of our hard work to Sam and his family who give back more to their community than can be measured by numbers. A huge thanks to ABC for allowing us the opportunity to work on this building, and to share our Locca products with the owner. Our small contribution will give them the latest remote/wireless access technology to make the door to the shop a bit easier to navigate.”

The show with the Amesbury Locca products used will air in November 2008, during the 6th season. There is no guarantee that the Locca products will be seen on TV, however information on all products used for the show will be listed on the website after the show airs in November.

For more product information on the new Amesbury Locca product range, installation and sales, contact Amesbury Locca at 1-800-325-3359, or email us at