Schréder plans seminars for specifiers

Chicago, Illinois--- Schréder Lighting USA has planned several series of seminars for Lighting Agents and Specifiers later this year. Schréder Lighting USA, the newest of the 40-member Schréder Group G.I.E. located in 36 countries on four continents, is marketing the Schréder brand in the fields of Public Lighting, Floodlighting, Tunnel/Transit Lighting, Industrial and Urban Lighting.

The Lighting Agent Seminars are planned for Thursday, September 25th and Friday, September 26th. The seminars provide lighting sales agents with an understanding of the Schreder Group, its products, technological capabilities and strategies throughout North America. The seminar will include photometric performance, light sources and controls, reflector design and development, and information on road surfaces and lighting. The seminar will also cover Schreder’s range of luminaires, including Urban, Public and Flood lighting products, LED fixtures, tunnel and transit lighting.

The firm has also planned two Specifier Seminars for lighting designers, specifiers and landscape architects on August 21st and 22nd, and October 9-10th. The two seminars will review Schréder’s history, worldwide activity and North American initiative, as well as the many benefits of its range of luminaires including technology, reflectors, light sources and controls. In addition, Schréder will review the latest LED product development and technology.

On October 23rd through the 24th, Schréder Lighting USA will host an LED Seminar that provides photometric information, thermal management, electronics, controls and future developments of its cutting-edge LED technology.

On Monday, November 3rd, Schréder Lighting USA will host Tunnel Lighting principles in accordance with IESNA RP22 and CIE 88 regulations. The daylong seminar will cover case studies, control systems and an overview of tunnel lighting products.