CSI describes benefits of GreenFormat

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (August 6, 2008) – In comments submitted last month to the Federal Trade Commission, the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) described the benefits associated with GreenFormat and its ability to provide accurate and reliable information about the sustainability of various products.

The FTC solicited public input as part of its effort to develop updated guidelines regarding environmental marketing claims. In its comments, CSI acknowledged the confusion that claims about sustainable building products and various green building rating systems and programs have created among professionals in the commercial construction industry and touted GreenFormat as a solution.

"GreenFormat allows manufacturers to accurately report the sustainability-measuring properties of their products, and provide designers, constructors and building operators with basic information to help meet 'green' requirements," CSI stated in its comments. "For manufacturers who are faced with myriad sustainable questionnaires, the direct link between question and verification gives them a clearer understanding of the intent of the questions."

"For designers, having that substantiation and verification means less concern about wading through potential 'green-wash' and misleading information," CSI's comments stated.

Users of GreenFormat will be able to search and access this information in multiple ways including CSI MasterFormatTM numbers and product names. In the future, product attributes (such as recycled content) and other properties will be supported by search capability.

CSI is being assisted in the development of GreenFormat by the Charles Pankow Foundation (http://www.pankowfoundation.org/) and Building Green, LLC (http://www.buildinggreen.com/).

For more information about GreenFormat, please visit http://www.greenformat.com/.

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