Valéron Strength Films embraces sustainability

HOUSTON (June 23, 2008) – Houston based Valéron Strength Films has embraced sustainability and offers a “doing more with less” approach to all of our construction products. Valéron’s crosslaminated film is your guarantee that your waterproofing membrane is providing twice the performance characteristics of any other film with equal thickness. Therefore you will be using less material, for the same job. What better way to help conserve the environment!

Valéron is used as a carrier film for self-adhering roofing underlayment, air barriers, smooth and flexible flashing tapes, pipe wrap, pipe liner, housewrap, drainage barriers for commercial and residential construction, all for better water protection.

Valéron film aides in sustainable building practices! Valéron’s construction products significantly reduce the chance of mold & mildew and are fully recyclable.

“We’ve found a unique fit in the construction market for all types of membrane applications, including the most challenging waterproofing applications,” said Paul Nihill, VP of Sales & Marketing at Valéron. “Customers are attempting to minimize the amount of material that goes into each project without compromising performance and Valeron is the solution.”

With the desire by the construction industry to adapt to more environmentally friendly and more sustainable products, there is a wide reaching movement to utilize thinner, higher performance carrier films in their construction products for the many membrane applications in use today. This allows the construction product supplier to become more efficient and help owners meet their source reduction and performance goals on every project!

Valéron has built a business around the concept of higher strength products by doing more with less. These products are made in Houston, Texas and Essen, Belgium for the most demanding applications around the world.