Polyfoam offers free qualified applicator training

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – In an effort to promote the benefits of adhesive-set tile roofing systems while helping roofing contractors diversify their businesses, Polyfoam Products, Inc. is offering free qualified applicator training with the purchase of any Foampro® RTF 1000 Series, PROPACK® or POLYSET ONE® dispensing equipment. The Foampro, PROPACK and POLYSET ONE equipment are used to install Polyfoam’s broad line of roof tile attachment systems, which includes Polyset®, Ecoset® and Tite-Set®.

The free training includes both classroom and hands-on sessions that last approximately four hours each, depending on the number of attendees. Each session is led by Polyfoam at a location determined by the contractor, and is available in English, Spanish or both.

Upon the completion of both training sessions, a test is given to each participant, and those that pass are issued a Qualified Applicator card that is valid for two years. After two years, re-certification is required. The cards are issued to individual applicators and not to the roofing contractor company.

“As the demand for more sustainable building materials such as adhesive-set roof systems continues to grow, the need for adequate training and education will grow as well,” commented Bob Ferrante, Polyfoam’s vice president of adhesive products. “This training program helps educate contractors, allowing them to offer their customers a more durable, long-lasting tile roofing system that features significantly lower lifecycle and maintenance costs.“

Polyfoam offers a variety of adhesive options for adhering roof tiles, including Polypro® AH-160 and POLYSET ONE. Both provide two to three times more holding power than traditional tile attachment methods, however Polypro AH-160 is a two-component polyurethane free-rise adhesive while POLYSET ONE is a single-component polyurethane adhesive.