Weather Shield gains appreciation from architects

MEDFORD, Wis. – Weather Shield Windows & Doors speaks the language of architects and designers with a dedicated Architectural Services team, a steadfast commitment to environmental preservation, and windows and patio doors that offer the architectural detail, authenticity and energy efficiency the design community seeks to incorporate into their projects. The company recently added an AIA-approved CES course on green design and certification, support services and resources to help more architects and designers understand and pursue environmental certifications.

“Homeowners and builders are depending more and more on architects and designers to develop homes and buildings that respect the environment through proper design and product specifications,” said Jeff Williams, Weather Shield’s senior brand manager for architectural marketing, “and can achieve the most points possible for certification. Weather Shield’s Architectural Services Department can help the design community understand certification programs, and how to use Weather Shield products to earn certification points.”

Dedicated Architectural Services

Weather Shield’s Architectural Services Department can provide guidance on specifying windows and doors in any project. The department can review custom product requests including custom profiles and special-sized units; answer technical questions such as size limitations, paint specification and performance ratings; review product specifications and provide shop drawings with unit elevations and cross sections based on submitted quotes. The Architectural Services Department also maintains “drafting table” drawings, CSI specifications and technical information that are posted on Architectural Services can be reached at 800-538-8836.

In addition to the Architectural Services Department, a LEED Accredited Professional is also available to assist with design, energy and daylight planning in any stage of a project—from concept through design and construction.

LEED Statement Brochure Helps Plan for Certification

The Architectural Services Department recently released Weather Shield’s LEED Statement Brochure, which identifies how Weather Shield Windows & Doors can contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. For architects and designers pursuing LEED for Homes or LEED for New Construction certification, the brochure can guide them on design and product specifications in the five categories to which windows and doors can contribute certification points. Weather Shield products can contribute up to 23 possible points toward LEED certification.

“Designers who consider how to achieve LEED certification prior to designing a project will be better able to achieve the highest number of points possible,” Williams said. “Our LEED Accredited Professional can help them plan in advance how to make the best use of windows and doors, and leverage Weather Shield’s unique product attributes and manufacturing processes to earn additional points toward certification.”

Green Building CES Fosters Environmental Stewardship

Architects can gain a better understanding of green building and certification programs while earning AIA/CES credits with Weather Shield’s new course, “Green Building and Continued Environmental Stewardship.” The course provides a basic understanding of what building “green” means, and an overview of the industry’s certification or “green” rating systems and their requirements. Participants will learn about the many benefits of green building and review case studies of several projects that have achieved certification.

Manufacturing Supports Environmental Stewardship

Weather Shield not only encourages environmental stewardship among the building and design community but it also demonstrates its environmental commitment through companywide manufacturing practices such as:

  • Recycling of paper, wood, glass, vinyl, chemicals, aluminum and other metals—between 500-600 tons each year
  • Minimizing solid and hazardous waste
  • Incorporating renewable resource utilization practices (raw materials reuse and fuel programs) throughout the manufacturing and logistics processes
  • Training employees in environmental awareness
  • Using low-emitting Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) coatings
  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental standards and regulations
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships and communications with federal, state and local governmental agencies
  • Weather Shield was recognized by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce with its 2007 “Business Friend of the Environment Award” for the company’s innovative pollution prevention and greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts.

    Products Further Support Energy Conservation

    Weather Shield products have many energy-efficient features that protect the environment and reduce homes’ energy consumption. Weather Shield, an ENERGY STAR® partner, manufactures products that meet and exceed ENERGY STAR standards in every zone.

    Weather Shield’s ProShield product line was the first window product line to achieve certification for stated recycled material content by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a Continued leading third-party provider of certification, auditing and testing services and standards. The product line’s recycled content has been certified to comprise at least 9 percent. Because interior wood components of ProShield are considered renewable and not by definition recycled content, Weather Shield’s integration and certification of 9 percent pre-consumer vinyl and glass into this product line are notable in the window industry.

    In addition, other Weather Shield product lines may incorporate the following green components:

    • Zo-e-shield™, the World’s Best Energy Glass, delivers the lowest center-of-glass U-factors and solar heat gain coefficients while allowing more visible light into the home. Available in four performance levels, Zo-e-shield 5, Zo-e-shield 6, Zo-e-shield 7 and Zo-e-shield Coastal, each uses a proprietary combination of components, including Real Warm Edge® Spacer Systems, EasyCare exterior coating, multiple layers of Low E coating and inert gas-filled airspaces to improve energy efficiency.
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    • Every Weather Shield product uses Real Warm Edge spacers to enhance products’ performance and energy efficiency, and reduce condensation.
    • Weather Shield’s unique aluminum clad energy sash limits the amount of aluminum used to clad windows’ exteriors, reducing the conductivity of heat/cold to the interior.
    Corporate and Employee Environmental Preservation Initiatives

    Weather Shield has also commemorated Earth Day and Arbor Day and promoted environmental preservation among employees with the company’s “Plant-a-Tree” program. More than 200,000 seedlings have been distributed to Weather Shield employees through the program since 2004.

    The corporate and employee foundation, the LITE Foundation, also has given more than $21,000 to environmental projects in the communities surrounding company facilities.