Hettich ideas spark interest at ZOW

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – (May 29, 2008) – Hettich is presenting their creative new ideas at ZOW 2008. The goal of ZOW 2008 is to give kitchen designers and builders innovative tips on how to make their designs stand apart from other kitchens in the market. The event will present inventive kitchen designs by presenting new styles, shapes, materials and even colors that are sure to be the new trends in high end kitchens. Several models showing how the new styles can practically be applied to existing Hettich products make these new kitchens easy to attain.

Today design is being determined worldwide not solely by fashion, but by furnishings as well. Inspiration for new trends in the home is found everywhere including high fashion, the works of designers and architects and even in contemporary art and cinema. New shapes, colors, and materials come from everyday pop culture and are enriching the design of furnishings. Hettich’s innovation managers closely observe and analyze these trends and work diligently to reflect today’s world in their furniture designs. For ZOW 2008, the exhibit is a reflection of Hettich’s hard work and ability to turn the trends into beautiful kitchen designs.

By accomplishing this, standard products are transformed into trendsetters for the design of tomorrow’s kitchens. Hettich’s products also aim to stimulate discussion and ideas about future trends. The ZOW event will serve as a forum for this discussion between designers, architects, furniture manufacturers, and journalists to discuss and determine consumer wants. This wide-range of new information will enable Hettich to transform the new ideas into specific shapes, colors, materials, and patterns for the next set of designs.

ZOW 2008 will showcase how the application of color and material trends in the InnoTech drawers can be implemented by kitchen designers everywhere without major problems or major costs. The contemporary handles from the ProDecor Collection also pick up today’s trends in furniture design, proving Hettich’s kitchen designs to be successful and desirable.