Rinnai Corp. supports Blitz

ATLANTA – Rinnai Corporation is once again partnering with Habitat for Humanity by donating 250 tankless water heating systems, valued at $250,000, to the non-profit’s second national Home Builders Blitz, taking place from May 31 to June 7, 2008. The 2008 Home Builders Blitz, themed “Plans for America,” will bring together thousands of local homebuilders to build hundreds of homes in one week.

The first national Home Builders Blitz, held in June 2006, resulted in more than 400 new Habitat homes across the country. Rinnai supported the 2006 Home Builders Blitz by donating 1,000 tankless water heaters, valued at more than $1 million.

“Home Builders Blitz would not be possible without the continued support of companies like Rinnai,” said Kevin Campbell, director of the national Home Builders Blitz program for Habitat for Humanity International. “The products that our building partners contribute directly improve the quality of life of new Habitat homeowners, and we’re thrilled to once again have Rinnai as a sponsor of Home Builders Blitz.”

The Rinnai units will be especially important to the new Habitat homeowners because the energy-efficient tankless water heating systems cost significantly less money to operate on a monthly basis than a traditional tank type water heater. A study conducted by the Okaloosa Gas District in Valparaiso, Florida, comparing the performance of Rinnai against a standard electric and natural gas-fired water tank found that average monthly household energy savings with a Rinnai were $21 greater than with an electric tank and approximately $6.50 greater than the natural gas-fired tank. That equates to yearly energy savings of $250 and $75 respectively over both tank type water heaters.

Additionally, tankless units don’t require a closet for storage and can be interior-mounted in a recessed box or exterior-mounted in a recessed box and painted or textured to match the façade of a home returning nearly approximately 12 to 16 square feet of valuable square footage back to the homeowner. Rinnai units come with a digital control pad, which allow users to set their desired water temperature, an important feature for homes with children and seniors to help prevent scalding accidents. Rinnai’s tankless water heaters produce low NOx emissions making them better for the environment when compared with other types of gas appliances. The units last twice as long as traditional tank water heaters, up to 20 years, meaning that they add to the sustainability of the Habitat homes.

“Rinnai is honored to once again partner with Habitat on a project that will positively impact so many people’s lives,” said Mike Murtaugh, marketing director at Rinnai. “By offering a product that is a smart use of space, energy and water heating technology, we are confident this great combination will be beneficial to Habitat’s homeowners. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with builders and volunteers from around the country to ensure Home Builders Blitz is a success.”