Fypon launches Customers’ Choice program

ARCHBOLD, Ohio – Fypon, the industry’s leading synthetic millwork manufacturer, has initiated a Customers’ Choice program identifying the company’s most popular products to assure inventory access from customers. The listing of more than 650 urethane pieces includes Fypon’s five best-selling products by volume of 2007, identified as corbels, dentil blocks, keystones, balusters and window crossheads.

“This program was designed to help streamline our customer’s purchasing procedures while identifying for them our most popular selling items,” according to Julie Wanstedt, product manager for Fypon. “We’re trying to help our customers increase their sales by focusing their attention on products that have a proven track record for success. Fypon is supporting the selling efforts of dealers by making these 650 products available in five days or less.”

To create this program, team members researched and categorized the sales of more than 6,000 different products offered by Fypon during the past three years. Repeat popular products and those accounting for a majority of sales were selected for the Customers’ Choice program.

“Identifying our top selling products allows us to increase inventory of safety stock so we can ship most orders in five days or less,” says Wanstedt. “Orders larger than 30 pieces of a single item and those that are made-to-order will have an extended lead time.”

According to sales figures in 2007, keystones, window crossheads, pilasters and balustrades were some of the most popular products sold at Fypon. “Builders and remodelers continue to appreciate the fast-install aspects of adding Fypon products to the exterior of the home,” says Wanstedt. “The finely-detailed products we create have become especially popular in the past few years as building industry professionals seek ways to differentiate their projects in an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace. Add in the fact that Fypon products have long-term, low-maintenance benefits for the end-user and we’re seeing growing use of our products in both new construction and remodeling projects.

“The Customers’ Choice program helps us gear up for standard orders. This inventory analysis and the new program serve our customers well because we’re doing everything possible to help them sell and receive products quickly and efficiently.”