CSI launches BIM groups

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Construction Specifications Institute announced recently that it has formed a Building Information Modeling Committee. The new group will guide initiatives within CSI to advance the use of BIM in the planning, design, construction and operation of the built environment.

"CSI has an important role to fulfill in the implementation of BIM by developing knowledge classification systems, formats, standards, practice guidelines and education to support collaborative practice," said CSI Executive Director and CEO Walter Marlowe. "This group will be essential to creating the support structures that the industry needs to fully implement BIM."

One of the first actions of the new Committee is the formation of a BIM Practice Group to gather together practitioners inside and outside of CSI that are dealing with the information management aspects of BIM implementation. To respond to the industry's need for BIM information structures, practice support, education and infrastructure, CSI is developing a building information management roadmap to identify requirements and define programs the Institute will be pursuing to meet industry needs.

Representatives of the BIM Steering Committee will be on-hand at CSI Booth No. 749 during CONSTRUCT2008 & CSI Annual Convention, June 3-6, 2008, in Las Vegas, to answer questions and to sign-up members who are interested in joining the Practice Group.

In a related development, CSI recently launched an AudioCast series called "bimWITS" in conjunction with the buildingSMART alliance™. The programs draw on the knowledge and "wits" of BIM experts to share their experiences with other practitioners about how BIM affects the way they do their jobs. The free series is available to the public at http://audio.csinet.org.

Those interested in participating in the BIM Practice Group can sign up online by clicking here.