Delta Faucet introduces Diamond Seal Technology

ORLANDO, Fla. – Delta Faucet Company unveiled at the 2008 International Builders’ Show its patent pending Diamond Seal Technology, an exclusive new water delivery system that eliminates contact with potential metal contaminants such as brass, copper or lead, keeping water as pure as it entered the faucet.

It also provides guaranteed protection from leaks and drips. Comprised of a next generation Diamond valve and InnoFlex waterways, the system reduces the number of potential leak points, simplifies installation and provides long lasting performance.

“Diamond Seal Technology is the future of faucets – a lead-free, leak-free system which lasts 10 times longer than the industry standard,” said Rick Roetken, vice president of marketing, Delta Faucet Company “This groundbreaking engineering uniquely harnesses the durability of the hardest substance on earth.”

The Diamond valve is an integrated ceramic valve cartridge featuring one ceramic disc and one diamond-embedded ceramic disc. As the two discs in the Diamond valve move against each other, the diamond-embedded ceramic disc constantly polishes the uncoated ceramic disc, preventing buildup of calcium and mineral deposits and ensuring smooth, consistent operation over the life of the faucet.

Once inside the faucet, water is not in contact with potential metal contaminants, such as brass, copper and lead.  Diamond Seal Technology by Delta Faucet Company also satisfies California statute AB 1953, mandating that drinking faucets contain less than 0.25 percent lead by 2010.

The threat of leaks is all but eliminated with Diamond valve and InnoFlex one-piece waterways. The Diamond valve is a closed system, meaning there are no dynamic seals to wear out. Water does not enter the top half of the cartridge, eliminating the possibility for leaks under the handle. InnoFlex waterways are made using a proprietary blend of PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) – a highly-engineered, very durable, heat and freeze resistant polymer material.

Longer Lasting
The Delta Diamond valve is built to last 10 times longer than the industry standard. Testing demonstrates that the Diamond valve will last more than 5 million cycles. Waterways have been stress tested at 500 psi (the same psi as fire hydrants), and up to 200 degrees and will not pit, pinhole, scale or corrode.

Less Hassle
All the parts needed for installation are in the box. The InnoFlex waterways’ integrated supply lines are 38 in. long, so they can be connected directly to the hot and cold water shut-off valves.  No intermediate riser connections are needed, eliminating two potential leak points. To adjust them to the right length, the flexible supply lines can be coiled or cut to length using ferrule inserts included with every Delta Diamond Seal Technology faucet.

An adjustable handle limit stop on the Diamond valve is easily accessible by removing the handle. The handle limit stop allows the user to limit how much hot water can be mixed with cold water by restricting the range of handle motion.

Diamond Seal Technology is available in limited quantities beginning in January on the Delta Signature pull-out kitchen faucet – with broader availability in June. Diamond Seal Technology will expand in 2008 to include the brand’s most popular pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets including Saxony, Victorian, Leland, Palo and Allora.