CertainTeed Enters Photovoltaic Market

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. – CertainTeed Corp., a leading North American manufacturer of interior and exterior building products, announced recently it has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with SRS Energy of Philadelphia, to advance the development of photovoltaic roofing products. 

Through this partnership, both companies will collaborate on the development of a polymeric-based photovoltaic roof tile that generates energy without compromising the look of the home. While most existing solar roofing systems rely on large and unattractive panels, this technology will seamlessly and inconspicuously embed solar technology into the roof tile.

“Energy efficiency is a key issue for homeowners, and our assessments show that people are especially interested in harnessing free energy using their roofs,” says John Donaldson, President of CertainTeed Roofing. “They have not, however, been quick to adopt photovoltaic roofs because of the cumbersome look of today’s solar panels. With integrated photovoltaic tiles, homeowners will soon have the option of installing an aesthetically appealing roof that solves this problem. It’s a terrific breakthrough for our industry.”

CertainTeed brings to the partnership a longstanding reputation for the development and marketing of innovative roofing products, while SRS Energy brings cutting-edge knowledge and expertise of photovoltaic science. 

“Never before has a leading roofing manufacturer partnered with a photovoltaic technology expert to bring photovoltaic roofing to a broad audience,” says Marty Low, Chief Executive Officer of SRS Energy.

“We are thrilled to be on the leading edge of developing attractive roofing products that help save homeowners money and reduce energy consumption,” continues Donaldson. “This partnership will revolutionize the way homeowners look at roofing—from being simply a form of shelter, to being an environmentally-friendly resource that powers a home.”