Pella debuts windows in green smart home

Narragansett, RI – February 6, 2009 – Pella’s redesigned HurricaneShield windows made their first in-the-field appearance in the Green Life Smart Life™ home on Wednesday. The stylish HurricaneShield windows and doors offer an eco-conscious design while protecting the home against harsh New England weather.

The house features Pella’s Architect Series windows, patio doors and transoms with HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass. HurricaneShield protects the home from the elements by sandwiching an advanced polymer between its two layers of glass. The Pella windows can withstand an impact equivalent to that of an eight-foottwo-by-four traveling at 50 feet per second. If the glass ever does shatter, the window’s polymer interlayer will hold the pane of glass together, which will prevent any damage and injury that could result from water, wind and debris entering the home.

The windows installed today are more design-conscious than the original HurricaneShield models, seamlessly meshing with the architecture of the home. The redesigned HurricaneShield window integrates the bracing system into the checkrail of the window. The hardware is still there, but it is invisible; to the everyday observer, these look like ordinary windows. Like all impact-resistant windows, it requires additional installation steps that involve screwing the frame of the window into the rough opening at regular intervals. This ensures that the frame will not separate from the house in the event of impact.

“Finding a window solution that could withstand 120mph winds, while looking great, built with FSC wood, ENERGY STAR® rated and form a company with sustainability front of mind was not an easy task,” said homeowner Kimberly Hageman. “Pella’s new HurricaneShield windows provide us the strength and durability we need to meet zoning requirements without facing increased homeowner insurance rates; the fact that Pella provided superior design, construction and environmental benefits all without budget made them the perfect choice for our home project.”

Pella has a long history with producing environmentally-friendly products. All Pella products are made with third party-certified and/or FSC-certified wood as well as with 100 percent recycled aluminum. Any waste materials created during production are turned into sawdust, animal feed and more and sold to other companies. In addition, the HurricaneShield Low-E insulating glass meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all 50 states. It blocks out nearly 100 percent of harmful UV rays, protecting furniture, carpet and window treatments from fading, while retaining the “good UV rays” to help heat the home.

“We’re extremely pleased to be involved with Green Life Smart Life,” said Pella Staff Architect Dave Murtough. “We believe the concept of green building is where construction is headed, and that it can help bring this country out of its current financial slump. Through the Green Life Smart Life project, we want to increase the public’s awareness about true sustainable building practices.”

Visit the Green Life Smart Life website to view photos and video taken from the HurricaneShield installation at