H.L. Flake primary Amesbury distributor

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Amber Grayson, Director of Sales & Marketing for Amesbury Locca is pleased to announce H.L. FLAKE as our primary distributor in Texas. Together they are bringing some exciting new wireless technology to the locksmith marketplace! Locksmith’s are excited to have the option of providing their customers remote access control (remote control unlocking), that’s very easy to install and even easier to use. No computers or software! Just install an electric strike or mag-lock and plug it in! It’s that easy. A master remote allows programming of extra remotes or allows you to delete them as well. Remote range is up to 150’! (Product names are: MULTI & ACCESS.)

The new Amesbury Locca range of access control products can be used in conjunction with electronic strikes to allow instant access at the touch of a wireless remote button! The versatility of the product enables it to be fitted to a wide variety of doorframe profiles and are suitable for in-swing and out-swing entrance doors, wood, composite or metal.

Introduced to meet the growing customer and market demand for aging-in-place aids, disability and/or ease of use products, and affluent living products, coupled with the highest levels of security, the new Amesbury Locca access control range of products delivers all of these through innovative features that are constantly reviewed to bring even better remote entry systems and options to homeowners and business owners alike.

There’s also a range of high quality accessory products that work in conjunction with the unlocking systems, including wireless remote intercom systems (Wireless intercom named: CONNECTA), with a 300’ range for speaking and unlocking the door, and two styles of remote buttons.

Visit the H.L. Flake Security Hardware or Amesbury Locca websites for more details at: www.hlflake.com or www.AmesburyLocca.com. H.L. Flake Security Hardware is located in Houston, TX and serves the entire state.