Tips from a remodeler who is hiring

Earlier this week, the ADP released its National Employment Report showing the construction industry adding 16,000 jobs in November. spoke with one remodeler who is hiring. Jeff Rainey, owner and CEO of Great Falls, Va.-based Home Equity Builders shares why his company is hiring, who they are hiring, and offers advice to other companies and applicants.

Hiring: The company is hiring two full time handymen and an office administrator. "Our handymen are different than most companies. We want a lead carpenter who is highly skilled in cabinet installation, plumbing, electrical, [and other practices]," Rainey says.

Why: "We’re very busy. As long as we have work, we will have a need for skilled people. The economy has been lean but I’m a small company and stayed small. Never intended to be a large company. All the large companies I’ve seen have become much smaller. We have stayed the perfect size – perfect match of small and large projects," Rainey says. Rainey never had to lay off employees during the downturn or recession.

Advice for companies: "You get a return by building relationships with clients. I started a job today for a client I’ve had since I opened my doors. I have done every room in their house," Rainey says. "For me its not about the number of jobs, its number of relationships. What you give back to your community – not the guy known as the guy who builds kitchens – but a true member of the community."

Advice for applicants: "Put your best foot forward. Even in Virginia where they say the unemployment rate is 4 percent, hundreds of people apply to these jobs. Some don’t even come close to the job description," Rainey says. "Don’t waste the employer’s time by applying to a job you’re not qualified for. And show them you are teachable. Employers will take someone who is teachable with skills vs. someone who knows it all."

Are you hiring? What advice do you have to offer?