Tips from an architect who is hiring

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics released its November jobs report this morning reporting good news as the unemployment rate dropped from 9.0 to 8.6. While the unemployment rate within the construction industry is higher at 13.1 it is down from 18.8 percent compared to November of last year. In addition, reported on ADP's National Employment Report yesterday that showed the construction industry added 16,000 jobs in November.

In yesterday's article, spotlighted a remodeler who is hiring. Today, spoke with an architect who is hiring. Mike Rosen, AIA, LEED AP, ND, principal and director of the Green Studio at Philadelphia-based The Martin Architectural Group P.C. shares why his company is hiring, who they are hiring, and offers advice to other companies and applicants.

Hiring: "We are mostly hiring architects who have retail, residential and mixed-use experience. The initial wave will be two or three candidates, and will continue over the next 18 months," Rosen says. The company has three offices but are hiring applicants in its Philadelphia office.

Why: "Our existing client base is steady and increasing in activity. Several projects have been released for production," he adds. "We see an increase in activity and we think that trend will continue."

Advice for companies: "I think we hit bottom a few years ago for demand of services. Since then we are starting to see a climb and there will be an increase in demand for architects," Rosen says. "The savvy architects would be looking for niches right now that have the most activity which is multifamily and mixed use. They need to focus on product types that are high in demand."

Advice for applicants: "[They need to] demonstrate a value proposition. Every applicant has a certain level of capabilities and experience. The employer analysis is to evaluate what level they will come into the organization and contribute to the effort," he says.

Rosen doesn't advertise openings in the traditional sense such as posting a newspaper clipping because the company will be bombarded with applicants. However, the company looks to networking and word of mouth to find quality applicants.

Are you hiring? What advice do you have to offer?