AIA Commends Plan to Upgrade Buildings

Washington The American Institute of Architects expressed its support for the Obama Administration’s $4 billion public/private sector plan to upgrade buildings for energy efficiency throughout the country. The following statement may be attributed to AIA President Clark Manus, FAIA:

“The White House announcement is an important step in helping make buildings more efficient and create jobs at the same time. This Better Buildings Challenge compliments AIA’s June announcement with the Clinton Global Initiative to develop a database of Stalled Projects suitable for investor financing, as well as AIA members’ commitment to make buildings progressively more and more energy efficient toward the 2030 commitment. Thanks to these funding commitments, AIA architects are poised to design the next generation of green buildings.”

“But much more can be done to create jobs in this sector. In the coming weeks, the AIA and other members of the design and construction industry will unveil a broad-based initiative to do just that.”