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Vinyl Windows, Doors Predicted to Experience Biggest Growth

Vinyl windows and doors are predicted to experience the biggest growth across all window and door materials according to a new report out this week by Global Industry Analysts. Though metal and wood dominate the window and door market, “highest growth is expected to stem from plastics comprising of vinyl, fiberglass, and composites” claims the "Vinyl Doors and Windows: A Global Strategic Business Report."

The report credits more vinyl window options such as sliding and swing products, as well as better testing methods. “While we don’t manufacture vinyl windows, we’ve seen growth in the fiberglass market and are expecting that growth to continue. As the pioneer of the fiberglass window and patio door market more than 15 years ago with our Ultrex fiberglass material, our Integrity and Infinity product lines are well positioned to meet the growing demand of this growing market segment,” says John Kirchner, public relations manager, Marvin Windows and Doors.

The report cites energy efficiency and low maintenance costs found in vinyl doors as another reason for its growth. However, vinyl is a controversial topic when it comes to the energy arena. “We know that vinyl has been knocked for toxins created during the raw-material manufacturing process. But on close examination, the quantity and impact of these toxins is truly minor,” says John D. Wagner, author, widely cited green building expert and columnist for Residential Design + Build magazine. “Moreover, they are increasingly diminished through improved processes and regulation. For U.S.-based vinyl manufacturer, the resulting toxins are heavily regulated and largely contained. In any lifecycle analysis, vinyl scores at the top of the class of green raw materials, in part because it is 57 percent salt. Once chlorine is processed into vinyl, it is forever chemically locked into the product. Once there, vinyl doesn’t off-gas or exude toxins, and it is completely recyclable, which disarms concerns about toxins on any building site.”

Information from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association agrees with this vinyl report. According to the AAMA/WDMA 2010/2011 U.S. Industry Market Studies, units have continued to increase penetration of the U.S. market. In 2014, the demand for vinyl windows for remodeling and replacement construction is forecasted to be at an all-time high, increasing more than 15 percent since 2005. Vinyl doors are projected to have a similar uptick in demand for remodeling and replacement construction, with projected totals for 2014 reaching a 20 percent increase since 2005.

China is the biggest consumer of these products and will drive this market along with other countries such as India, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, according to the report.

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