LAUFEN Celebrates 120 Years of Innovation

Milan, ITALY– It has been 120 years since LAUFEN began shaping and modeling ceramic material in ever-more intriguing forms, accepting the technical challenges launched over the years by a team of international designers who asked the company to twist, stretch and push ceramic past its limits.

At this year’s Salone Del Mobile, LAUFEN honored its history and looked to the future with a celebration and an installation designed by atelier oi, a renowned Swiss design team.

Atelier oi designed their installation around the phrase, "The Swiss Art of Expression." Inspired by the two natural forces that make ceramic possible - water and fire - the vast white box of the space was divided into two areas. The first, Water Installation, revolved around water, which symbolized the cycle of nature in a vertical choreography, from the air to the earth, where, drop-by-drop, the passage of water is celebrated in a visual and acoustic choreography. The second, Fire Installation, symbolically reproduced the kilns that fire the clay in the factory.

LAUFEN's newest collection, unveiled at Salone Del Mobile, is another collaboration with the cutting edge team Ludovica + Roberta Palomba.