DPHA Launches OneSource

Chicago, IL – In its latest effort to help its members make effective use of the Internet to boost their bottom lines, the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association (DPHA) has launched a new digital platform known as OneSource.

This new digital community provides users with three unique online tools to help them promote their businesses as well as connect and learn from each other. The system was designed to be used by showrooms, manufacturers, sales representatives and designers.

OneSource is composed of three distinct components:

  • DirectSource provides a direct connection or “pipeline” between showroom professionals and vendors to improve communication and provide easy sharing of documents, training videos, marketing materials, artwork and more. Showrooms can search for answers to product questions and use online templates to create custom presentations and proposals. Manufacturers can post expert advice, and quickly communicate with showrooms across the country. Both sides can join discussion groups, leave and response to feedback, and share professional insights.
  • LuxurySource helps members build their online brand and reputation by acting as a dynamic industry search engine. Participating users will be able to publish posts on the site, contribute as a guest blogger, brag about completed projects and satisfied customers, and publicize products, sales and other news. This site can be used by industry members as well as consumers. For members, LuxurySource is intended to generate new sales and leads and increase their prominence on the Internet. For consumers, it will make it simple to search for products and locate a nearby showroom.
  • ShowroomSource is designed to replace physical catalogs with a comprehensive online catalog that is automatically updated by manufacturers. Instead of digging through piles of paper catalogues, showrooms can offers customers tablets or laptops on which they can view digital images and watch product videos, creating an enhanced shopping experience which can drive sales. This resource saves money and time, and helps reduce the carbon footprint of the industry. ShowroomSource provides other benefits too, such as analysis of consumer shopping patterns and increased connectivity that allows content to be shared among social media platforms, mobile apps, and websites

For more information about OneSource by DPHA, visit www.dpha.net.