Broan-NuTone Online Tool Provides Ventilation Code Instruction

Broan-NuTone has added a product selector to its Website that helps builders, contractors and architects select code and green building program compliant ventilation solutions for the home. The new CodeKey Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Specifier tool encompasses all of the growing number of statewide codes that affect ventilation standards into one online tool.

"Broan-NuTone is the first manufacturer to offer assistance to builders and other professionals who need to abide by new ventilation codes but may be unsure of which ventilation solution is most appropriate for a project," says Patrick Nielsen, marketing manager, ventilation fans, Broan-NuTone. "With the new CodeKey feature, Broan-NuTone is not only offering product solutions for customers, but also offering information solutions."

Broan-NuTone's CodeKey helps professionals identify code-compliant, customized whole-house ventilation systems based on factors such as site location, square footage, number of bedrooms and whether or not the home is Energy Star V3 or LEED certified.

The tool also has several slider controls that allow users to select the importance (on a scale) of certain factors in fan selection, including low first cost, low energy usage and reduced noise. Although most of the available solutions are for ventilation fans, CodeKey also can display results for Broan-NuTone's range hoods and HRV/ERV products. Once the user has set all preferences, he or she can compare solutions, print out specifications and choose an applicable solution.