Infographic Shows “Homes of the Future”

NEW YORK—Blu Homes, Inc. has released a Homes of the Future infographic designed to provide potential homeowners and American families to answer the following questions: What will the home of the future look like? In this age of skyrocketing energy costs and dwindling resources, what will the home of the future be made of? How will it be made? And how can it save money, resources and energy?

This resource makes topics like energy efficiency, green building, programmable thermostats and climate change available in a fact-packed graphical tool that is easy to digest. Information in the infographic includes specific incentives for building green, including at least 50 percent reduction in heating, cooling, water heating and other electricity use. Also, step-by-step building processes for a custom home versus a Blue Home and much more. 

More information about Blue Homes and their infographic can be found here