AIA Legislative Priority: Tax Reform

WASHINGTON—The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) annual Grassroots Legislative Conference brought nearly 800 architects to Capitol Hill, calling for tax reforms that will enable thousands of small businesses to prosper rather than pay higher taxes. The AIA has joined a coalition of millions of small businesses in the call for comprehensive tax reform.

A letter sent to members of Congress, signed by the AIA, expresses the coalition’s opposition to tax reform that pays scant attention to pass-through businesses and individual taxpayers. Pass-through businesses, including businesses structured as S corporations, partnerships, LLCs or sole proprietorships, represent 95 percent of all businesses. Nearly 80 percent of U.S. architecture firms file taxes as so-called pass-through small businesses.  

While tax reform is a main concern on the AIA’s legislative agenda, the coalition is also focused on these other legislative priorities: Repair and strengthen buildings; build sustainable, resilient and vibrant communities; reform government to build better with less; and invest in the next generation of design leaders.

The AIA’s full legislative agenda and more about the group can be found here