Environment Part of Purchasing Decision for Many Americans

PETERBOROUGH, CANADA—A study conducted by Cone Communications (a public relations firm based in Boston) revealed that 71 percent of Americans now consider the environment when making purchasing decisions. This is an increase from the 66 percent the study revealed in 2008. Statistics also show that 71 percent of Americans are reading and following the instructions for the green products they are selecting. Similarly, 66 percent of American consumers are following the instructions to properly dispose of the green products.

While the results indicated that Americans are becoming more environmentally conscious, survey results also indicated that they would like to see the same effort from companies. Eight-five percent of respondents indicated that they would like manufacturers and other companies to provide more information about how to properly use and dispose of products. Companies could stand to do a more effective job of education consumers about environmental terms, according to about three-quarters of those surveyed. The survey also indicated that nearly 70 percent of respondents would rather a company be honest about not being “environmentally perfect,” indicated by the 78 percent who would boycott a product if it was discovered that a false environmental claim had been made.

The revised “Green Guides” from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are designed to help marketers and companies be truthful and non-deceptive about their green initiatives. More information about these guides can be found here