Color Palette Shifting to a More Sophisticated Look

Color Marketing Group, a leading international association of color design professionals, shares color information from its recent 2013 ChromaZone Color Forecasting Events held throughout North America:

It seems the cheerful chromatic palette we experienced last year is pleasantly shifting in a more sophisticated, mature direction. The upturned optimistic outlook of a growing economy is slowly stabilizing and creeping conservatively positive as opposed to a more robust growth spurt. Early indicators are revealing a trend down in chromaticity by softening our color entrees more in a pastelle direction.

Cheerful, overtly optimistic colors are going to be taking a breather in coming years. As the economy slowly stabilizes and returns to growth, color appears to be settling as well. “Local” will still be vitally important influence from handcrafts to garden; inspiring meals, gifts and urban planning. It's an exciting time and though we will still crisp colors and strong chroma, the money is on colors that have been pulled back a bit. We don’t want to give up our colors, we’re just going to let them settle down.

Color Marketing Group, founded in 1962 is a not-for-profit international association of color design experts who forecast color directions. Color forecasting events – ChromaZones - are held throughout the world and the results from these events are revealed at CMG’s annual International Summit. CMG members then interpret that information into salable colors for manufactured products and services across all industries.

CMG’s next 2013 International Summit will be held in Palm Springs, Calif., Nov. 8-10. Color design experts and professionals from around the world will convene to hear the revelation CMG’s Global Color Forecast comprising colors from Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.