Consumer Satisfaction Survey: Home Improvement, Remodeling Industries Not “Meeting Expectations”

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—Consumer Satisfaction Survey results collected from December 10-15, 2013, by Planese Inc. indicate that local retailers are the best at meeting the needs of their customers. The home improvement and remodeling service industry scored below average compared to the level of customer and product/service satisfaction in different industries.

Customer satisfaction scores were based on answers to a variety of consumer experience questions including quality, convenience, stress, ease of researching the purchase, etc. Product/service satisfaction average scores were based on the percentage of respondents who reported that products and services met their expectations. Home improvement and remodeling services had the lowest average scores, along with those provided by the government, for “meeting expectations”.

Dan Fritschen, homeowner consumer advocate and founder of summed up the results: “Consumers are winning by getting better service and products online and local retailers work to gain market share in an ever increasing competitive environment. Home improvement and home remodeling have fewer consumers reporting that the product and service met their expectations frequently because consumers are inexperienced with buying these goods and services. Therefore, they haven’t calibrated their expectations with the realities of the remodeling process and typical results.”

More information about the Consumer Satisfaction Survey and Planese Inc. can be found here