Research Uncovers Four Distinct Kinds of Homeowners

ADRIAN, Mich., June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Driving down the street it's hard to find two houses exactly alike; and as varied as the homes are the people who live in them. While most of us like to think we're one of a kind, some of us may be more alike than we think. This is especially evident in a recent research study conducted by Merillat cabinetry, which concludes that homeowners fit within one of four distinct segments.

"Kitchen 4mula is the third phase of an on-going study by Merillat aimed at gathering valuable insights into how builders and kitchen and bath professionals can better design kitchens," said Karen Strauss , president of Merillat. "This phase examined how recent new home purchasers live in their kitchens, the role the kitchen plays in their lives and ultimately revealed the secrets of four segments of homeowners."

To conduct the study, a total of 1,252 interviews were completed nationwide with a comprehensive online survey. The responses were compiled and then analyzed with the help of a state-of-the-art statistical clustering program. From this algorithm analysis, the following four distinct segments emerged:

Luxury Leaders

This homeowner segment is generally affluent and has a larger home that is generously appointed with special features such as an office, morning room, media room or wine cellar. For this segment, it's all about prestige. The kitchen is the "star" of their home. They have high-end features and the finest appliances, cabinets, flooring and countertops. Social status is important to Luxury Leaders, and they use their kitchen for entertaining and consider it a showplace.

Domestic Dwellers

The Domestic Dweller segment lives in a comfortable home that is nice but not ostentatious. For this segment, the kitchen is the place to care for and nurture their family. They use their kitchen more than any of the other segments and consider it to be the center of their home. They prefer a more conventional mainstream decor for their kitchen, and prefer low-maintenance products that can withstand constant use.

Busy Bees

This segment is made up of busy families. Both spouses tend to work full-time, leaving them little free time during the day. While homeowners in this segment are very busy, they spend a great deal of time in their kitchens multi-tasking from folding laundry to paying bills, reading the newspaper to helping with homework. Because of their hectic lifestyle, their kitchen is often disorganized and cluttered. More than the other homeowner segments, they are looking for products that can improve efficiency and reduce maintenance.

Career Builders

Career Builders are most likely first time homebuyers. They are well educated, and spend a lot of time working, trying to enhance their career status. They bought their home primarily as an investment, so they carefully chose the house for resale ability. Kitchens were not important in their decision to buy. They feel no emotional connection to this particular room; however, key to this segment is the island, as it serves as an important landing zone at the end of the workday.

According to Strauss, when it comes to kitchen design, many consumers don't know what they want until they see it. This is why it's so important for kitchen and bath professionals to understand their consumer; they need to know what to show them, guiding them to what will meet their needs and their wishes.

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