Dimension One Spas

Aquatic Fitness System

Dimension One Spa’s revolutionary Aquatic Fitness System® is a true underwater gym – offering the ideal environment for low-impact exercises to tone, shape and enhance flexibility, while the body is suspended in water protecting both the back and joints.

The line’s flagship model – the AquaFit® 19 Dual Temp – is the ultimate hybrid of fitness and hydrotherapy. The unique 19-foot high-tech tub makes it possible to swim stationary laps; row for a robust upper body and arm workout; attach specially designed bands for resistance training; run or jog in place for cardiovascular conditioning – all in cooler water -- and then when your routine is done, muscles can be soothed with a relaxing hydrotherapy body massage in the hot tub section of the pool.  D1 currently offers three AFS models: the AFS 16, 19 and 19 DT.