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The 7 New Rules of Marketing in 2013

Learn how to double your marketing effectiveness without spending more money. Lead generation and marketing costs are rising dramatically, and ‘marketing clutter’ has substantially diminished response rates on the ‘tried and true’ advertising methods. There are solutions to these ever increasing marketing costs, which will be discussed in this fast-paced session presented by Tim Musch, Director of Business Development at MarketSharp. Powerful ideas covered include:

• Why lead costs are rising and what you can do about it (it might not be what you think)
• Why some marketing campaigns work great and others strike out
• What marketing is really supposed to do…and why most marketing doesn’t do it
• The difference between strategic and tactical marketing (knowing the distinction is critical for success)
• The ‘Marketing Equation’ and its components (understanding THIS alone will skyrocket your advertising results)
• How “platitudes” always kill the effectiveness of your marketing (you need to avoid them like the plague!)
• Real ways to absolutely separate your company from your competitors

This webinar will position you to generate MORE leads with LESS cost, now and throughout 2013.